Watch the Kim Kardashian Sex Tape!

Kim K & Kanye!

So how does Kim Kardashian's current beau feel about her sex tape? We can't imagine Kanye West is particularly thrilled that he can watch his girlfriend sucking dick on the internet. But, sources are saying Kanye respects Kim for sleeping her way to the top, and making use of her beautiful looks and sex appeal to make millions. Kim openly admits that the Kim Kardashian Superstar sex tape was the catalyst to her stardom.

Recently, rumors have surfaced that Kanye West made a sex tape of his own, shortly before he started dating Kim. The tape shows him setting up a camera and banging some 18 year old that has an uncanny similarity to Kim K. Looks like Kanye has specific taste! He can be clearly seen banging this broad, with a condom of course. Do you think Kanye and Kim ever compare their sex tapes in the bedroom? How many have they made? Maybe one day Kanye will have a meltdown and release one to get back at Kim! Kim sure seems to enjoy the BBC, with Ray J, Reggie Bush, Kanye West... who else? Kim has to keep the money train rolling, so it remains to be seen what lengths she'll go to to stay in the spotlight. For now, we can enjoy her 60 minutes of hardcore fame.