Watch the Kim Kardashian Sex Tape!

Kim & Kris!

Our gossip freight train Kim is dragging her feet to finalize her divorce from Kris Humphries. She married the NBA player last year, spent millions, and made millions from the wedding. It ended just 72 days later. We're not sure where Kim's head is - maybe it really is all about money for her! It's been months and months since the two split, but Kim is too busy making that dough via her reality shows, clothing line, the sex tape, and various other ventures. She's now dating a similar narcissist Kanye West - how much money on a sex tape of those two? We're pretty sure Kanye's ego can't handle Kim having sucked Ray J's dick first, so he's probably outdone him with his own better tape! We're waiting anxiously for that!

Reports are saying Kris is reluctant to sign the divorce papers, and is trying to prove the whole thing fraudulent. Kim seemed unusually unphased by the divorce, so maybe she's just patiently waiting this one out to see if Kris will crack first. Kim K would be a fascinating psychological study! Sociopath perhaps? Either way, we're down to watch her suck some mean dick on camera!