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Kim K Sex Tape

A few years ago, the big assed Kim K decided to get freaky with a big donged darkie named Ray J. Now we can all watch that big ass getting tapped in this exclusive video from VividCeleb. Check out the preview video to the right before downloading. If Kim doesn't fit your bill, Farrah Abraham also has a tape, watch it over at Farrah Abraham sex tape!
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Bare Ass

Check out the infamous Kardashian ass exposed for your own eyes to drool over throughout this video


Ray J Blowjob

Kim is not afraid of that mammoth black schlong, she slurps it multiple times it looks it's not her first rodeo


Shaved Pussy

Get up close and personal with Kim's shaved little pussy and watch Ray J make her scream and cum


Big 'ol Titties

Many people favor her ass, but in this video you'll get to gaze at her large bare knockers too

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I finally decided to pony up and watch kim's sex tape as I've heard about it for so long. Let me tell you, the video did not disappoint! There is over an hour of Ray J pleasuring Kim in every way possible.
Wow! That's all I can say. That was way better than expected. Ray J really makes Kim squeal and beg for his big cock in this video. What a lucky guy -and WHAT AN ASS!
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Kim K & Ray J!

Five years ago, you probably had never heard of Kim Kardashian. The last name may have been familiar; her father, Robert Kardashian was OJ Simpson's attorney back in 1994. But that all changed when Kim found herself as a hot socialite down in Los Angeles. After hanging around the likes of Paris Hilton, Kim must have found inspiration to film herself having sex on camera with then boyfriend, Ray J. In early February 2007, it was true: her private sex tape had been leaked on the web. Her hour long, hardcore, extremely intimate sex tape became property of more


Kim & Kris!

Our gossip freight train Kim is dragging her feet to finalize her divorce from Kris Humphries. She married the NBA player last year, spent millions, and made millions from the wedding. It ended just 72 days later. We're not sure where Kim's head is - maybe it really is all about money for her! It's been months and months since the two split, but Kim is too busy making that dough via her reality shows, clothing line, the sex tape, and various other ventures. She's now dating more


Kim K & Kanye!

So how does Kim Kardashian's current beau feel about her sex tape? We can't imagine Kanye West is particularly thrilled that he can watch his girlfriend sucking dick on the internet. But, sources are saying Kanye respects Kim for sleeping her way to the top, and making use of her beautiful looks and sex appeal to more